This single guiding principle and company value drives all of inswing’s client interactions. We work hard to coalesce strong ideas with joyful, rewarding collaboration for everyone involved.

Inswing is led by executive consultant, Matt Hensler, who brings a diverse set of professional experiences and skills to the work he takes on with clients. Previous roles and engagements have spanned brand strategy, GTM, revenue strategy, product marketing, customer experience management, M&A and more. Matt bring’s a marketer’s lens to management consulting that results in ensuring alignment between a business and its customers.

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Strategic Program Management

Brand/Business Alignment Audit

As Needed Advisory

Facilitated Strategy Sessions

Fractional Marketing Leader

Brand Strategy + Market Positioning

What Our Clients Say

Bringing Matt in has always been one of my first thoughts when taking on a big ambitious initiative. He’s great about embracing the vision and then creating momentum to help make it happen.

I’ve hired Matt at three different companies because his guidance is always on point, and also brings in other resources that help us bring our big ideas to life.

In relatively short order, and amidst the global pandemic, Matt helped revamp the positioning and narrative of our core brand, establish the brand architecture of our newly formed parent company and worked cross functionally to help shape a new brand in our portfolio.

Matt was brought in to help during our planning and strategy for launching Highnoon. Matt is a forward thinking, big picture thinker, that really understands how to translate vision into plan. He walks the fine line of understanding the big picture while being able to think about the tactical side, and that's a great combination that can be very valuable!

Matt stepped in during a staffing crunch and didn’t miss a step representing our brand with customers who quickly trusted him to help drive their complex go-to-market needs.